US Markerboarder Delivers Superior Online Shopping Experience with Riverbed Web Content Optimization Solution

January 7, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO—January 7, 2013Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the performance company, today announced that US Markerboard, the leader in online whiteboard and communication board retail, has deployed Riverbed® Stingray Aptimizer software to improve Web performance across its 12 e-commerce sites including US Markerboard, US Entrance Mats, and Brite Inc. US Markerboard’s business is built on its fast, dependable, easy-to-use e-commerce site, competitive prices, and quality customer service. With the Stingray™ Aptimizer™ software deployment, the family owned e-commerce company improved customers’ online shopping experience and increased customer loyalty resulting in a 25 percent conversion rate and an overall 15 percent increase in sales. 

Started in 1997 by a father and son team and based in Holbrook, Mass., US Markerboard is the premier online shopping destination for school, home, and office supplies including whiteboards, chalkboards, and bulletin boards. Launched as an alternative to local retailers by providing a wider range of products, the e-commerce site made the customer experience its top priority. As the company grew, so did the website’s size and complexity with added features like multiple product views to create an experience similar to being “in-store” and real-time customer support via chat.
In 2010, the company recognized the need for Web content optimization (WCO). Page loads were taking nine seconds and this poor performance was affecting sales. During peak traffic times, such as back to school shopping and holiday shopping, long load times can motivate the Web consumer to shop elsewhere. Also, the company knew it needed to increase its page speed to improve their Google search ranking. After evaluating multiple Web performance alternatives, US Markerboard chose Stingray Aptimizer software to accelerate Web content delivery and create the optimal customer experience.

“Since we started the company, we have been committed to delivering the best online shopping experience for our customers, so they can shop easily and make purchases quickly,” said Scott Newman, President and CEO of US Markerboard. “With Stingray Aptimizer software, we can deliver a rich customer experience, comparable to being in a brick-and-mortar store, while also delivering Web content fast. By combining competitive prices, a superior shopping experience, and customer service, our customers stay on the site longer and continue to return.”
Riverbed helped US Markerboard reduce page load times on average from nine seconds to three seconds, while also improving the company’s Google search ranking. Overall, page views increased by 27 percent while page views per visit increased by eight percent. The Stingray Aptimizer deployment also lowered the bounce rate, where a site visitor leaves without viewing additional pages primarily due to session timeouts by the server, by 10 percent while the conversion rate has increased 25 percent. In business terms, the number of products per order has increased by 65 percent and average order value has increased by 15 percent, which, according to Newman, “is unheard of in e-commerce.”
“With the variety of products we offer, competitive pricing, strong customer service, and fast performance enabled by Stingray Aptimizer software, our customers can be assured they will continue to have a stress-free shopping experience – we have no problem competing against the larger e-commerce sites,” added Newman.
Currently, US Markerboard’s customer base primarily accesses the company’s site from traditional Web browsers; however, should customers move to tablets and other mobile devices to shop the site, Newman is confident that the Stingray Aptimizer software will deliver a consistent experience.
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