Silesian University of Technology Entrusted Infortrend Unified Storage to Virtualize Its Newly Opened GeCONil

21 July 2016
“Among the many possibilities we looked at, the best solution in terms of performance and data integrity was by far Infortrend storage. Buying this storage solution gives us a great ROI and the best quality and functionality.” – Edward SzumiƄski, IT Department team member responsible for the project in the Faculty of Automatics, Electronics and Informatics at Silesian University of Technology.

Silesian University of Technology is one of the oldest universities and biggest in Poland. It currently comprises 15 faculties offering 51 courses and 200 majors on every engineering area to its 25,000 students. As Silesian University of Technology’s newly opened Center for Scientific Calculations and Engineering, GeCONil was created to provide staff and students of the Faculty of Automatics, Electronics and Informatics with a dedicated research environment and information storage centre in which to carry out their projects smoothly.

GeCONil’s Storage Needs

In order to run the new center successfully, GeCONil needed a storage solution that would allow their scientists and students to store, process and share enormous amount of data quickly and efficiently.

The storage requirements were the following:

  • Excellent read & write performance for efficient data processing and sharing
  • VMware and Microsoft compatibility, as these tasks are carried out via VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)
  • Comprehensive data protection features for data integrity and security
  • SSD drive support for performance enhancement requirements in the future
  • High scalability for storage expansion needs


The Ultimate Infortrend Unified Storage Solution

Silesian University of Technology chose Infortrend unified storage as it brings true value to GeCONil. The 12 Infortrend unified storage systems deployed offered 10Gb/s iSCSI host interfaces, fulfilling their high performance demands for data processing and file sharing. Two extra expansion enclosures were deployed for capacity expansion as well. All systems were installed smoothly in its VMware and Microsoft environments.


Safe Data, Satisfied Customer, Great C/P Ratio

Through Infortrend storage systems, GeCONil has achieved the performance levels and efficiency it needed to carry out their data processing activities. SANSEC Poland - the system integrator mentioned that they offered Infortrend storage systems because of its superior performance and data integrity, great ROI and outstanding quality and comprehensive data security and backup functionalities.